Coxsackie Town Court - General Information

Directions to the court can be found on the town's official website as well as more information regarding policies, government, and ordinances in the town. To contact the court with questions regarding your Vehicle & Traffic ticket, please see the information below, but make sure to check it against the official website to ensure it's accuracy. If you will be hiring Mr. Kehoe's office to defend your ticket please save a copy of your signed ticket (signed not guilty) and get it to us by fax, email, or regular mail as soon as possible. If you do plead guilty or fail to answer, our office may be able to submit a Writ of Error Coram Nobis on your behalf, petitioning the court to vacate your guilty plea and reconsider the case. Please contact us for details of this service.

Address: 119 Mansion Street, Coxsackie, NY 12051-0135
Phone: (518) 731-6934
Fax: (518) 731-9612
Official Website: Traffic Court is held Mondays @ 4:00pm

Other Resources

So much is involved to take care of your ticket the right way and ensure the best outcome possible. You may also have to do some research of your own, depending on the complexity of your case. If you have a driver's license issued from somewhere outside of New York state, you should find out how (or if) points transfer to your state's DMV for convictions in New York or other states. Listed below are some addtional resources that you may find useful in your research. These are not necessarily endorsed by Mr. Kehoe or his office.

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