Coxsackie NY Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Coxsackie is a town on the Hudson River in Greene County whose older settlement was called Reed's Landing. There's more information about the town and its history on their official website - If you would like information regarding a New York speeding ticket or some other traffic citation that you received in Coxsackie, you can call our ofice or submit an online inquiry for a free consultation with attorney Randall Kehoe. Mr. Kehoe has been representing clients in New York state traffic matters since 1990 and offers some of the most affordable fees available for these services. Our office is located in downtown Albany, New York where Mr. Kehoe handles tickets from all over the state. Consultations are free by phone or you can request we contact you by submitting an online inquiry right here using our "Get Started Now" form. If you have concerns about points on your license, insurance rates, and driving privilege restrictions an experienced traffic lawyer may be able to help you obtain a more favorable outcome than what you might otherwise be faced with. To peak with a Coxsackie traffic lawyer today regarding your case, call us at (518) 465-2211 or use the form provided here on our website.

DWI Defense in Coxsackie

If you have been charged with DWI, DWAI, DUI, or another alcohol or other drug-related crime in Coxsackie or anywhere else in Greene County. Discuss the details of your case with Mr. Kehoe to determine the best way to proceed. You can find more information at our dedicated website,

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